The Fancy Brand Difference

Masterfully made cheeses

Our cheese comes from a special place called Grantsburg, Wisconsin. A place where farm families work side-by-side with crop and animal experts to produce the highest quality of milk, from the ground up.

With the pride we take in every step of our cheese-making process, you can count on quality cheese that delivers flavor, performance, variety and yield. From soil and feed, to animal health and milk quality, Burnett Dairy Cooperative manages every step of the process to ensure its Fancy Brand cheese is the best it can be:

Our team of agronomists work with our 200+ farmer-owners to improve their crop yields and soil quality.
Animal Nutritionists
Through our QQM program, we’re helping our farmer-owner to maximize both the quality and quantity of the milk their cows are producing.
Farm fresh milk
Quality cheese starts with quality milk. By providing top-quality feed products and services to optimize herd health, we’re ensured of only the best milk for our cheese-making process. We pay more for milk high in protein and butter fat so that only the highest quality milk goes into Burnett Dairy’s Fancy Brand cheese.
Limited batch production
Through state of the art equipment and infrastructure, our Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker is given the flexibility of limited batch production, allowing them to produce outstanding quality artisan cheese.
Wisconsin craftsmanship
Creating cheese is part science and part art. Burnett Dairy cheese is crafted by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Bruce Willis and a talented staff that have extensive experience and training in the making of Italian and American cheeses.
The right choices
Our diverse line of products is carefully developed to ensure you always have a variety of types, forms and flavors to meet your unique needs.

As a discriminating foodservice professional, you’ll see the difference our craftsmanship makes. Our creamy, distinctive cheeses perform in and out of the oven to ensure your recipes always deliver on their promise. Unlike mass-produced cheese, our cheeses will surprise and delight your and your customers.